he is tall.

City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Styles: Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Alt-Pop, Acoustic
on hashbrandnew.com since June 07, 2022

🔥 new song out: snow fortress 🔥. thank you so much for being here. it means more that you would know. i'm he is tall. and i live in copenhagen, denmark. i have been the support act for artists like tyler childers, the divine comedy and leoniden. sebastian saxton, host for the danish national radio channel p6 beat, has said cool and very sweet things about me: "i think your style is really original and it's difficult for me to see how others should imitate you - which is a rare praise to give - so thank you so much for your music! i really appreciate it! - i really think your vocal is strong". something happens in me when i play music. i get a feeling that i don't get any other time in life. i challenge my deep thoughts and feelings in my music while i persistently chase the good melody.

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