Gone to Color

Country: USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Experimental, Indie Rock
on hashbrandnew.com since June 21, 2021

Gone to Color is an experimental rock/electronic music duo originally formed in Cincinnati and currently coexisting in Atlanta and Washington D.C. Core members Tyler Bradley Walker and Matt Heim frequently use the collaborative space to explore their songwriting with other artists.

On May 24th, 2021, the band released their debut single, “The 606," featuring Jessie Stein of the Canadian band The Luyas. The duo collaborated with Wilco's Pat Sansone and Richard Devine who contribute to the almost symphonic instrumental of the "The 606." The song was accompanied by a music video directed by the French photographer Louis Dazy, who is known for his dreamy use of double exposure and overlay. Gone to Color's single artwork features photography from Baltimore's Patrick Joust. Joust's stark images are supported with new wave typography by Norwegian graphic designer Simen Røyseland.

Working as composers early on helped shape Heim and Walker's commitment to collaborative songwriting. Gone to Color's music often explores the intersection of electronic music and various forms of rock.


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