FonFon Ru

City: Portland
Country: Maine, USA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Art Rock, Experimental Rock
on since March 11, 2022

Inspired by hazy, relentless post-punk and the unique anxieties of 2010s living, FonFon Ru (Portland, ME) is a band glued together by friendship, sustained by love, and fueled by anguish. Guitarist/Vocalist Harry James, Session Guitarist Cormac Brown, Bassist Jimi Ledue, and Drummer Wes Sterrs issued their first album “Death and Texas” in 2019. This record earned them acclaim from their local scene and national tastemaker UPROXX, who deemed them “aggressive yet precise, a tribute to what made the rock of yesterday so appealing and what could make the rock of tomorrow worthwhile.” 

FonFon Ru’s sophomore record, "Collapse of the Silver Bridge" — releasing February 18th via Repeating Cloud — serves as a time capsule of harrowing moments and a surefire mission statement. This album is vignettes of modern dismay - smoky desolation, staring down hypocrisy, embracing the immense spectrum of identity in full acrylic color, all culminating in a sonic representation of the beautiful ballet between panic, love, and self.

The world is a scary place and FonFon Ru is here to wear cowboy boots and guillotine earrings and kiss their pals. Don’t let the cat out, don’t let the cops in.

FonFon Ru is Harry (they/them) Jimi (he/him) Wes (he/him) Cormac (he/him)


Source [Spotify]


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