City: Chicago
Country: USA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Chicago Indie, Garage Psych
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LP Still Life In Decay on April 07, 2023

on hashbrandnew.com since March 24, 2021

Chicago trio FACS was founded in 2017 by former Disappears members Brian Case and Noah Leger, and longtime friend Alianna Kalaba (Cat Power, We Ragazzi). Chicago trio FACS have evolved very quickly in the span of their three years in existence. Void Moments is their third & latest offering; a dark & claustrophobic album with rivulets of seismic beauty peeking through the din.

Void Moments cloaks the music behind a black velvet curtain of sonance, obsfuscating the band's most direct set of songs to date. But despite its foggy presence, Void Moments still careens toward the light. By embracing fluidity, FACS continue to evolve & refuse to be ensnared by genre. Void Moments ruminates on humanity's increasing refusal of identity, not only via our reliance on technology, but also within our society's challenging of societal & gender norms. "Void Moments" feels one step closer to oblivion, but its sounds are a welcome salve.


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