City: Leeds
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Garage Rock, Garage Punk, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi


Eades is a music collective made up of songwriters, producers, sound engineers and session musicians. With a simple common goal: to make alternative music they can be proud of. Recorded and mixed from there very own Bam Bam Studios ran by Harry (Lead Vox/Guitar) and Dan (Drums and Percussion). Made up of members from Far Caspian, Vraell, English Teacher and Dharma Wilde the group have a wealth of combined experience including UK/Europe tours and Festival Appearances. From sharing stages with the likes of Wolf Alice, Jungle Giants, Working Mens Club, Porridge Radio, Boy Azooga and Twin Peaks to mixing abbey road recording sessions.

The band pride themselves on their chameleonic approach to song-writing, drawing on a plethora of influences including New Wave, Art-Punk, Noise-Rock, Garage Rock, 90s Alternative (and a subtle hint of psych) all wrapped up in the bands signature Lo-Fi production style. Having 4 songwriters at their disposal has allowed the band to have already written and recorded over 45 demos in the lead up to their debut album the band are looking to record at the start of 2021. 

Eades DIY ethos is partnered with a raw and energetic live performance reminiscent of the 60s Proto-Punk era, already starting to turn heads in their hometown of Leeds. The band are at their most comfortable whilst performing their razor sharp live set and will stop at nothing to see these shows grow over the years to come. 

on HBN since February 17, 2021


1. Reno

Selected Reviews and Comments

'Reno’ is a situational story of someone who has given up on the ‘right way to be’ and goes out to deliberately commit arson in an attempt to ‘save’ the people around him from feelings of monotony or apathy. Told from three perspectives: witnesses to the event, the perpetrator and an intoxicated pub philosopher attempting to comment on the state of affairs in a way that sounds much more profound than it really is – the latter a satire of the lyrical clickbait of modern post-punk bands who insist on vapidly talking over a groove in an attempt to intelligently lampoon the zeitgeist it also contains a character from Jonny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. - Words by Pat Fogarty (Heist or Hit)

Reno Single

Label: Heist Or Hit Records
Release Date: October 13, 2021

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