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Connie Constance

Connie Constance

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Pop
Styles: Uk Contemporary R&B, Alternative, Indie Pop, Soul, Singer-Songwriter
on since September 01, 2020

Selected Reviews and Comments

A strikingly effective combination of disparate strains of British pop: the quasi-spoken verses bristle with the barked beauty of Paul Weller; the cathartic chorus reaches Florence-worthy heights” - The Guardian 

Today, Watford born indie-rock goddess Connie Constance releases her new album, ‘Miss Power’, a bold collection of songs imbued with high voltage drums, snarling guitar riffs, and anthemic feminist rage via Play It Again Sam. On ‘Miss Power’, Connie takes us on a joyride through dramatic, passionate and empowering scenes with hooks aplenty and lyrics that excitedly unpick heartbreak, Connie’s strained relationship with her father and her struggles with mental health.

‘In The Beginning’ is a non-binary introduction to ‘Miss Power’, intertwining Connie’s real life experiences with sharp, intimate lyricism. Then there’s the life-affirming indie-dance track, ‘Till The World’s Awake’ which earned itself a spot on the BBC Radio 1 Playlist, as did the album’s lead single, ‘Miss Power’ which provides incontrovertible evidence that Connie is a major player in the punk/indie scene. ‘Never Get To Love You’ plays with classic folk sounds and instrumentation as it tenderly explores the bittersweet feeling of falling out of love, before another hit single off the album, ‘Mood Hoover’ takes off with killer melodies and scintillating lyrics that build into an anthemic chorus documenting all those bits about your lover that drive you nuts but you couldn’t live without. 

‘Heavyweight Champion’ is a poignant track about Connie’s strained relationship with her father, and the fact they may never get to reconcile the past, whilst ‘Hurt You’ explores the lowest time in Connie’s life and career, when she felt ‘Connie Constance’ the artist was dead and buried, this single is currently on the Radio 1 Playlist. Later in the album you have ‘Kamikaze’, an explosive and catchy feminist anthem, written after Connie’s impassioned performance supporting Hak Baker at Village Underground. ‘Blank Canvas’ is an emotive cry for peace and a fresh start whilst Connie’s final hurrah, ‘Red Flag’, is the album's big finale as it wraps together the vast soundscapes explored in the album, and displays the feeling of being on the other side of trauma.

Connie on the album: “Here we go. My beautiful beast has been born. Miss Power the album is now yours forever. Look after them and they will look after you too. Every word true at the time and some mean more now. Thank you for the ones that were here when I was lost. Kept the engine going whilst I rebuilt the steering wheel. This little pocket book of a fairytale saved my joy. Blast it on headphones on the tube, play it out loud on your own in a forest, scream it in the shower and sip it with some wine through the winter. Thank you. Your girl. CC”

Having returned in style in 2020, Connie Constance remains laser focussed on putting out music that fits how she sees the world rather than how the world sees her. Having recently supported the Nova Twins, Connie is feeling energised by the duo’s cult fan base and assured that black women in alternative music needn’t be thought of as a risky niche. Connie’s own UK headline tour SOLD OUT way in advance and her uncompromising and visceral performances at all the major Summer festivals were total standouts for festival revellers. 

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