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Connie Constance

Connie Constance

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Pop
Styles: Uk Contemporary R&B, Alternative, Indie Pop, Soul, Singer-Songwriter
on since September 01, 2020

Selected Reviews and Comments

“A strikingly effective combination of disparate strains of British pop: the quasi-spoken verses bristle with the barked beauty of Paul Weller; the cathartic chorus reaches Florence-worthy heights” - The Guardian 

Watford born indie-rock goddess Connie Constance releases new track ‘Hurt You’ - a driven and uncompromising song that fuses the distilled cool of classic post-punk, with a fearless and unrelenting attitude. Hurt You moves through verses of sparse, Unknown Pleasures-era Joy Division style rhythm section before gliding into a chorus of sparkling guitars and soaring vocals. 

In July, Connie announced her new album, ‘Miss Power’, a bold collection of songs imbued with high voltage drums, snarling guitar riffs and anthemic feminist rage due out 4th November on Play It Again Sam. On ‘Miss Power’, Connie takes us on a joyride through dramatic, passionate and empowering scenes, packed with hooks aplenty and lyrics that inquisitively unpick heartbreak, Connie’s strained relationship with her father and struggles with mental health. Having returned in style in 2020, Connie Constance remains laser focussed on putting out music that fits how she sees the world rather than how the world sees her. 

‘Hurt You’ follows on from previous singles, ‘Miss Power’, ‘Till the World’s Awake’ and ‘Mood Hoover’ which saw a Hottest Record hat-trick from BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo as well as ‘Miss Power’ and ‘Till the Worlds Awake’ both being featured on the Radio 1 C-List. This month also saw Connie perform album tracks live at the legendary Maida Vale studios which went out on Clara’s Radio 1 show. Cementing her indie-punk status, Connie performed an electrifying - and band approved - cover of Bloc Party’s classic ‘Helicopter’.

Connie on the new track: “My revenge song, this is a song for all the villains that are just a product of their environment. This is for the Joker and Harley Quinn. In this realm the villain is the peoples champion and anarchy reins. As an artist people think you just get lucky, one song blows up and that’s it you’re a success over night. No one sees the years before that, they don’t hear the years of music that didn’t make it out the hard drives or the note pads. This song is about the lowest time in my life and in my career when Connie Constance the artist was dead and buried and it’s about how I climbed out of that grave and didn’t let anyone take my love of writing and my hunger to share my music away from me. If I wasn’t mad before I’m definitely a bit crazy now. But I feel bulletproof cause I had to fight to get my powers back. Nobody should ever have to feel stuck or unworthy. I hope this song reaches anyone who feels trapped, scared or squashed and I hope they listen to it before and after tell their oppressor to get fucked “

Over the last 12 months, 27-year-old Connie Constance has released music that fits how she sees the world rather than how the world sees her. And she takes her place among rising alternative female black artists from WILLOW to Nova Twins who have proved that natural hair and underground sounds don’t make you niche. Connie’s own UK headline tour SOLD OUT way in advance and her uncompromising and visceral performance at The Great Escape earlier this year was a roadblock and real festival highlight.

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