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Butter Bath

City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Pop, Psych-Pop, Soul, Alt-R&B, Indie-Soul


Straddling the unlikely gap between indie rock and soul, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Toby Anagnostis delivers his conversations about self-assessment, love and spirituality under the moniker of Butter Bath. From his bedroom studio in Sydney, Toby directs every aspect of the creative process from the first drum groove to the final elements of production, making for a sincerely raw and undiluted insight into his psyche.

Stray Cats, Butter Bath’s first offering to the indie music world, sported an amalgamation of honeyed vocals and insatiable hypnotic groove coated in his distinctive ironic lyrical style. The single was premiered by Happy Mag who identified Butter Bath as “one of the Sydney music scene’s more unique and promising emerging acts”. His second single, Detox, continued his annotation of emotional polarities when retrospectively viewing a relationship breakdown. The track featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist, ‘Fresh Finds: Indie’ as well as receiving airtime from Triple J Unearthed and FBI Radio.

Butter Bath’s new single, You and Me, is out now through Nice Guys Records. It sets the scene of an intimate house party where a vigorous dialogue was exchanged between Toby and a mushroom propelled stranger. The song recounts the conversation in all of its peculiarities.

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