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City: South-east London
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Pop, Indie, Alternative
on since October 20, 2021

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London-based indie band Buggs share new track ‘Mother’ via tastemaker label Sad Club Records (Ellie Bleach/John Myrtle). An intimate track about female expression and motherhood, ‘Mother’ follows a journey navigating through a turbulent time, illustrating one's own personal resilience.

‘Mother’ is a rumination on motherhood and female experience, which examines resilience and strength through a lens of personal reflection. The track leans on Greek mythology to explain the tender bond between a child and mother, using mythology to explore motherhood taking different forms. Atlas is a metaphor for a mother, keeping strong with the weight of the world on her shoulders: “You are atlas, holding the sky even as you’re getting older.”.

On ‘Mother’, Alice states “This song started off being about my own mother, but it ended up being just as much about myself and concepts of motherhood in general. Through looking at someone else and the way they deal with life you also end up looking inward and examining the way you do things too. It’s a cry out to my mother/women of the world asking ‘How do we do this! How do you do this? How do we get through it!’”.

“It’s ok to feel lost, helpless and vulnerable. We all do, all the time. We should sing songs about it and be lost and hopeless together.”

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