City: Cologne
Country: Germany
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Dream Pop, Alternative, Psychedelic Pop, Psych
on since August 12, 2022


ACUA is born in 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Their Debut EP got attention through blogs from NYC, Buenos Aires and Berlin. They played on some cool Festivals, a Canada Tour, in UK and Support for OMNI, FKJ, Japanese House and more.

ACUA sounds like a mix of Peter Gabriel, Tame Impala, MGMT and Caribou (people say). In special words: „German Art Rock of melting instrumentation and electronica filtered through a gauze affording the songs an otherworldly texture." (Emerging Bands, Dublin)

2020 JAPAN TOUR Feb: 2/2 - Matsumoto, Give Me A Little More Feb: 2/3 - Shibuya, Tokyo - home Feb: 2/4 - Morioka - SICKth Feb: 2/5 - Omiya - hisomine Feb: 2/6 - Nagoya - k.d.japon Feb: 2/10 - Osaka - Hard Rain Feb: 2/11 - Kobe - Helluva Lounge Feb: 2/12 - Takamatsu - Toonice

Source [Spotify]