City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Lofi, Noise Rock, Punk Rock, Surf Rock


A little over a year ago, Nathan Williams found himself back in San Diego, writing what will eventually become his seventh album as Wavves, in a little shed behind his parents’ house. It was also the place where he made some of his earliest albums, before he became known for his uncanny ability to write songs that sneered at the world while evoking pathos, sympathy, and a deep understanding of how sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, and that can be okay. Williams’ return to his childhood home was not just a symbolic attempt at jumpstarting creativity. It came as a result of a series of major life changes.

After realizing the material he’d been working on in the hideaway was starting to take shape, Williams, linked up with musician and producer Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio…

Written by Sam Hockley-Smith

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