Vladislav Delay

Country: Finland
Genre: Dance, Experimental
Styles: Ambient, Drone, Dub Techno, Finnish Experimental, Intelligent Dance Music, Minimal Techno, Nordic Ambient, Outsider House
You can see this artist live at
Primavera Sound 2022 Barcelona


The most productive moniker of Finnish electronic musician Sasu Ripatti, Vladislav Delay constructs fractured soundscapes that evoke the vast, barren Arctic tundra, yet often radiate a warmth inspired by dub reggae. While Ripatti has produced more DJ-friendly techno and house under names such as , , and especially , his work as Vladislav Delay generally consists of lengthy, semi-improvised mutations of dub, ambient, glitch, noise, and avant-jazz. First appearing during the late 1990s with several limited singles and EPs, he received much acclaim for challenging yet rewarding full-lengths like Multila (2000) and Anima (2001). Additionally, he reached a wider audience with the more accessible Vocalcity, his 2000 debut as , which was subsequently hailed as one of the best electronic albums of the decade. Continuing to issue solo work under several aliases, Ripatti collaborated with his wife, Antye Greie-Fuchs, as AGF/Delay, and as part of the Dolls with composer . He also played percussion in the  as well as his own improvisational unit, . Following the 2014 full-length Visa, Ripatti spent much of the remainder of the decade composing film and television soundtracks, additionally collaborating with Norwegian jazz musicians  and , and Jamaican rhythm section . He returned to solo work with the harsh, unforgiving Rakka in 2020.

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