Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Organic House
on since May 27, 2022

Generally, when we think of the term ‘verdant’, our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature, or perhaps the viridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with through his organic, yet lively soundscapes.

Verdance's first release 'Rothko' came out via Stereofox Records in 2020, which featured fluttering synths, dance grooves and a tapestry of found sounds and vinyl warmth woven throughout his arrangements. The eponymous single featured the wonderful vocals of Oli Hannaford.

2021 saw the release of 'Plunge' via Aviary Bridge, featuring more tranquil, synth-laden bliss and warped, grainy samples.

Verdance is also becoming known for his remixes, with notable reimaginings for MÒZÂMBÎQÚE and Mazoulew.

Watch out for a new EP later this year.

Source [Spotify]