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Ultra Q

Ultra Q

City: Oakland
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Punk, Rock, Alternative, Indie
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LP My Guardian Angel on June 09, 2023

on since November 15, 2022

Selected Reviews and Comments

Produced by Chris Coady ( TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House) My Guardian Angel offers a deep sonic palette to match Armstrong’s artistic ambition. Wildly vacillating between widescreen pop-punk (“Klepto,” the impeccably titled “VR Sex”), romantic new-wave (“Rocket,” “I Wanna Lose”), and shimmering synth-pop (“I Watched Them Go”), the album displays Armstrong’s songwriting talents—along with the musicianship of Kevin Judd and brothers Chris and Enzo Malaspina—conceived and recorded for maximum impact.

Emotional growing pains, sleepless nights, the ethereal allure of romance, and the notion of sound being so closely attached to memory are all wrapped up in clever guitar interplay reminiscent of the band’s formative influences, but delivered in an identity all their own. The words are attached to feelings we think are going to slip away from us in the fading and tarnished pallor of adulthood; truth be told, those feelings emerge just as freshly the older we get.

And that is the gift of My Guardian Angel, the implicit understanding that growth is merely a tool we use to better process the past slipping away from us.

Check out what people have said about the last couple of singles:

  • “it’s a full band endeavour, packed with energy and bravado.” - CLASH
  • "Guitar music has never sounded so exciting and it’s all spearheaded and propelled by bands like Ultra Q” - BBC Radio 1, Jack Saunders
  • "It is a glacial and gorgeous piece of forward-thinking pop music." - Rock Sound
  • "Ultra Q get better with every release. Their latest track “VR Sex” catapults you into big riffs and heavy drums and is shared alongside a music video with distorted visuals.” - NOTION

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