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Tugboat Captain

Tugboat Captain

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Alternative, Baroque Pop, Psych, Indie Rock
on since January 14, 2023

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London DIY Baroque-Poppers Tugboat Captain return with their second single of 2023, Deep Sea Diving, a slow burning keys driven Supertramp-esque wiggler of a track about polymetallic nodules found on the ocean floor and the anxiety of impending ecological collapse. Sonically Deep Sea Diving continues Tugboat Captain’s penchant for DIY orchestral flourishes and expansive, experimental arrangements whilst ramping up the sense of anxiety and existential dread found on their new material.

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Tugboat Captain releases

Flash of Light Single

Flash of Light

release on January 13, 2023
via Tugboat Captain

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