City: New York
Country: New York, USA
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Synthpop, 90S, Synthwave, Chiptune
on since January 08, 2022

„Planet Sadness“ is a concept album by Berlin based electronic music producer TLF. In a mixture of Synthwave and EDM the artist approaches the different shades of the emotion of Melancholia. At the same time a clear counterpoint is set by the power of the songs, demonstrating strength, resistance and the faith in never giving up. Based on original piano tracks TLF turned the songs of his debut into a Synthesizer madness celebrating sounds from the most famous 80ies Synths mixed with modern Sounds. The tracks stay mostly instrumental so that only the music can take the important part of reflecting all these intimate feelings in such a natural way, that words could never come as close to the core.

„Planet Sadness“ tells the story of a life. In a cross section through decades and genres it reflects sonically as well as emotionally the life of the producer. Recorded in just four weeks and finished under special self-imposed conditions, it is the most personal work he yet created. 10% of all tlf's income through the record will be donated to Unicef or other organizations that are making our planet a little bit better.

Source [Spotify]


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