The Early Mornings

City: Manchester
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Art Rock
on since April 08, 2021

The Early Mornings are a 3-piece from Manchester that are now based in London. They released their debut EP 'Unnecessary Creation' on June 18th 2021.

It is digging your grave to plant a seed. Loving the fruit but hating the tree. Cultivated in gardens of shit fertilised with flowers. The queen has pawned her crown and the pawns will all be queens. The carpets are spotless but the floorboards are rotten. Starving with a surplus of superfluities. Spring-flowering saxifrages calmly admiring the madness. The knife in the wound that finds the bullet. Perfect weather to get sacked. Oceans of boredom wash up on sandpaper beaches. The ultra-modern rain falling as we weep ancient tears. Abstraction paving over the concrete. Wanting nothing but not being content. Punctuate my days with unnecessary creation. The future’s too far away and now is too late. Operation successful. Patient dead.

Source [Spotify]


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