Swiss Banks

City: Austin
Country: Texas, USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Folk Rock
on since November 12, 2022

Swiss Banks was born in Austin, TX, with guitarist Lane Fielder responding to an ad written by singer-songwriter Adam Buhrman, with the pretense of re-interpolating R.E.M’s album, Murmur. From there it didn’t take long for the two to plunge face-first into the pantheon of post-punk and art-glam-rock greats like David Bowie, The Smiths, Joy Division, and Felt. Soon after the pair recruited drummer Joey Alves, and the trio began performing as Hippo. In 2019, the group quietly released two self-recorded singles, RIP and Getaway. The two tracks caught the attention of producer Carey McGraw (Modern Medicine), who described his first impression of Swiss Banks as, “Robert Smith listening to Morrissey cover Interpol.” The band’s style aligned nicely with McGraw’s sensibilities, and after an intese preproduction process, the band went to Danny Reisch’s Good Danny’s studio in Lockhart, TX to begin recording what would ultimately become their self-titled debut LP (mixed by Max Lorenzo and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice/Peerless Mastering).

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