Sorenious Bonk

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Experimental
on since March 17, 2023

Sorenious Bonk is a Danish electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

in 2020 Sorenious Bonk released a cover of iconic 90-s classic / Life by Des’Ree, that was placed on Netflix smash hit series Sex Education and led to worldwide exposure which put Sorenious on the radar of fans across the world. Later the song was remixed by the ubiquitous DJ Gattuso.

Originally trained in guitar and piano Soren spent many years working from a strict acoustic dogma until a huge shift into electronic music triggered a new appreciation of sounds, felt through the body in addition to the mind or heart. A concussion meant that Soren wasn’t able to use computer screens for several months and instead, got deeply into analog synthesizers gave way to a new way of composing "with the feet”.

“When I started making music no longer sat down with a guitar or a mouse attached to my right hand my physical response started to inform the musical choices in a way I had never experienced before."

"De Beauvoir Cars” is the first record which playfully occupies the space between nordic sensibilities and seductive beats. Collaborations with Danish electronic DJ and artist Ashiba and Swedish singer Adriana Essén tread the ground between storytelling and body/moving An exploration of the complexity of seemingly bad life choices, the album draws heavily from Soren’s ten years in East London, and pays homage to the random expressions of the courage of youth.

Source [Spotify]


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