City: London
Country: USA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative, Experimental Rock, Doom Folk, Art Rock


Shattercones' blend of filmic drone, spaghetti western gothic and nightmare slo-mo surf music has hints and influences from Tom Waits to Einstürzende Neubauten, via primal Nick Cave dramatics and the twisted swagger of a kind of post-apocalyptic Doors. 
 Shattercones are Arran Goodchild (drums, machines, synth), Jason Powdrill (lead vocals, guitar), Dermot Watson (guitar, lapsteel) and Neil Walsh (viola, synth). The band was formed by accident (late 2018) when Arran needed to put some musicians together for the Twin Peaks festival. 
 Nottingham born Jason was previously bequiffed frontman of Bridport Dagger, drummer in wonky pop outfit Clicky Bones, and dabbled in solo weird-folk as The Haunted Isles and more recently Cold Hands. Dermot starting off playing on Dublin's hardcore scene and has since moved between bluegrass, French cafe and Eastern European Folk music scenes, He is a regular member of Brighton-based psychedelic band The Dials. Neil, a classically trained musician, has toured and recorded with acts including Smoke Fairies, Viv Albertine, Leo Abrahams, Slow Club, Tall Ships, Matthew & the Atlas and more. He has also performed in theatre productions and puts on shows as Sonic Tonic. Arran first heard music from the music that drifted through the floorboards of his parents' pub when he was 10 days old. He has made immersive installations, performed in a chamber under the Thames. 
 This Septic Isle will be released digitally through Gare du Nord.

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