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Sharp Veins

City: New York
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Styles: Grimewave, Weightless


William Harrison King aka Sharp Veins is a US producer operating in exciting new territory. Based in New York but hailing from Alabama, he first reared his head in early 2014 as one of a number of producers caught up in the newly-international Boxed network of instrumental grime producers. ‘Visit Me’ (under his William Skeng alias) sampled ‘90s duo Changing Faces for a gorgeous piece of chipmunk R’n’G, but it wasn’t long before a bunch of intriguing Soundcloud loosies found King drawing from more diverse sources and changing up his sound. His 'Functions of the Now' mix for Truants was a revealing insight into his listening habits at the time – the likes of Autechre, Lee Gamble and Actress, featured alongside avant-garde composers William Basinski and La Monte Young.

Sharp Veins’ first release proper was Inbox Island. Released in 2015 on Glacial Sound – then home to the likes of Rabit and Murlo – the EP was a meditative, left-of-centre take on the instrumental grime sound that fulfilled all his early promise. Tracks like ‘Water Logged’ and ‘The Seeing Palm’ revelled in intricate sound design, taking samples from noise and drone recordings and playing around with glitches and degradation. Then there was ‘Missing Sun’ – one of the most underrated bangers I’ve heard in recent years. In its own quiet way, Inbox Island felt like an important release – too singular to spawn many direct imitators, it still helped to usher in a wave of experimental club records that don’t actually have much to do with the dancefloor (Dummy Mag)

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