City: England
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Styles: Electronica, Rock, Soundtrack
on since April 15, 2022

Operatives A & B began recording for the Reigns organisation in 2002. Their first album, “We Lowered a Microphone into the Ground”, was a series of recordings made within a seemingly “bottomless” hole found upon the Somerset Downs. Their follow-up, “Styne Vallis”, was recorded in and around a submerged village that had been evacuated and strategically flooded in 1970 to make way for a new reservoir. “The House on the Causeway”, which came out in March 2009 on Monotreme Records, was recorded in an abandoned house at the end of a causeway on the Dorset coast. Reigns operatives also scored the BBC2 series “The British Family”, “The British At Work” and "The 70s". Their fourth album, “The Widow Blades” , was released in 2011 and their fifth album, "The Walled Garden", was released in 2020 on Wrong Speed Records.


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