City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Genre: Indie
Styles: Modern Jangle Pop, Dream Pop, Alternative, Indie Pop
on since April 28, 2021


Songwriter - David McMillan and his younger brother, Aiden hail from the rural Northern NSW town of Glen Innes, where they were homeschooled and raised within the hypnotic clutches of the Pentecostal Christian World. Eventually they found themselves on the Gold Coast where they backslid into the bustling surf rock scene. By the end of this Era 'Redspencer' was born.
Finaly Arriving in Melbourne in 2013, a series of singles garnered a small but devoted following. 2015 saw the group release their debut EP followed up by an album the following year ('Perks').
David took a break from the band shortly after the album to pursue drumming in other local projects while slowly chipping away at the second album, 'Dreamworld' to be released in 2021