Rare Monk

City: Portland
Country: United States
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Experimental


Rare Monk is a Portland, OR based indie rock band with a keen sense for writing songs with an Orwellian level of awareness. While writing the band's forthcoming and fortelling sophomore full-length, Never Really Over, the future (i.e. 2020) had not yet arrived. By no means is this album a gloomfest, but at its core is a central thread of ever present looming dread at the end of the world. Of the bursting of bubbles, of the decline and devolution of America back into the dark ages, of book burnings, witch hunts, of vapours only releasable by exsanguination. Of a surveillance state, of the demonization of science, of persecution at scale, of the normalization of greed, idiocy, cruelty, and death.

The album's lead single "Space Song" is a track about trying to come to terms with mortality, losing people to sudden human fragility and ways we get through this. The song itself came out as a sort of comfort zone, a watery drift to melt into when things are hardest. The beauty of the carbon cycle is we always drink those who came and went before, and some (possibly strange individuals) find comfort in this, that nothing is permanently lost, instead transformed for another cycle.