Priya Ragu

City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Genre: R&B/Soul
Styles: Zurich Indie, Pop, Neo Soul
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on since May 11, 2021


Over the course of just a couple of independently released tracks, Tamil-Swiss musician Priya Ragu has mobilised a dedicated and highly engaged following, earning attention from Rolling Stone India, VH1 India, Radio 1 and 1XTRA to name but a few. While she could be described, widely-speaking, as R&B, Priya’s music isn’t like any R&B you’ve heard before. It’s both vaguely familiar yet completely unrecognisable. Priya recently featured on friend and rapper Oddisee’s new EP, ‘Odd Cure’ with ‘Still Strange’ performing this on NPR’S Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. Priya’s debut single ‘Good Love 2.0’ is a gorgeously optimistic song which also reflects Priya’s varied influences. A sublime, uplifting groove, the track is elevated by her gloriously warm and melodious vocals. As with all of her material, ‘Good Love 2.0’ was written by Priya and her brother, Japhna Gold (who also produces the music). The vibrant, intimate video for ‘Good Love 2.0’, which was shot in Goa in early 2020 was cast by Priya herself after combing through Instagram and finding a director in Mumbai, a stylist and a lead role also in Delhi.