Permanent Vacation

City: Mexico City
Country: USA, Mexico
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Lo-Fi, Bedroom Pop, Dream Pop, Acoustic
on since January 25, 2021

Formed in Rome during the first lockdown, Permanent Vacation spent the summer of 2020 writing and recording their debut, 'A Love Song for Everyone', released on Z Tapes earlier this year. Their sophomore album, 'Hymns from the Backseat', shows their style gradually shifting from the mainly acoustic guitar/vox sound of their first project into something more dynamic, potent and dark. All the while, the duo stay simple and light on their feet.

The songs on 'Hymns from the Backseat' are snapshots of the cities that they spend time in; their observations of the world they explore, which then become reflections of themselves. Their sound can be found in an off the highway motel, somewhere between indie folk, bedroom pop, and lo-fi late night shoegaze. You're there in that dimly lit room with them, witness to the pair crooning together in that moment. You can even hear the 1950s sci-fi movie playing at low volume on the T.V. in the background. It's that immersive.

Source [Spotify]


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