Pale Moon

City: Barcelona, Reykjavík
Country: Spain, Iceland
Genre: Indie
Styles: Alternative, Indie Pop
on since January 22, 2022


Pale Moon is a project of two, Árni and Nata. They joined on the mission to become next Beatles soon realising they are missing two more members, they should be in UK or at least Hamburg and born few decades earlier. These and many more realisations brought them to one and only right solution – be themselves. Nata with her shady post-soviet past, born and raised in Siberia had a lot to say and she soon became main lyricist for the band. Árni couldn't say much with words, but he had arsenal of all full music education and bitter-sweet past as a member of world famous band Of Monsters and Men, where he was the cute guy on accordion and keys. They embarked on journey of music together. ​

Their debut EP “Dust of Days” contained of three tracks where you can hear a mix of influences from psychedelic indie to dreamy pop, Billy Joel, David Bowie and Beach Boys. They decided to take it even more seriously and went to isolate in a small pensioner's town of La Mora in Spain. When they were not cleaning the pool, they wrote songs. 30 demoes after they had more material to present to the world.

"Stranger" was their next single followed by "Dusty Road", "Parachutes", "Happier" and finally "Strange Days" which reached charts on Icelandic radio. 2021 they finally had a chance to play some concerts around Spain. They gained recognition with their stylistic approach, sequinned, corduroy and velvet outfits, thoughtfully crafted by Nata herself, who is also a fashion designer juggling two careers.​

​"We could have released album two years ago but it wouldn't be so good" said Nata about their plan to present their debut album in 2022. First single of the year "Clown" is out.