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Night Noise Team

Night Noise Team

City: Edinburgh, South London
Country: Scotland, UK
Genre: Pop
Styles: Electropop, Indie
on since March 11, 2022

Selected Reviews and Comments

Night Noise Team is Sean Ormsby and Fabien Pinardon. Originally from Belfast and Paris but now living in Edinburgh and London. NNT has a sly way with a lyric, a melody, an arrangement. They draw from a well of chansons, funk, rock,pop and soundtrack music. New single Little Shocks is direct, European, dancefloor pop with a lyric seesawing between Edinburgh and Barcelona and beats vacillating from brittle to euphoric. Sean says, ‘As good an indicator of what we can do as anything we’ve completed since starting to make music again. Hooky high jinks and generous low end. A reflective banger! ’Forthcoming album Happening (June, 2023) grew slowly from file-sharing song ideas and a steady flow of Spotify discoveries and recommendations, including Gainsbourg, Sebastian Tellier, Heatwave and Morricone, all of whom glimmer in the fabric of this latest collection. The circumstances of the recording reflect a shared sense of place and history combined with the duality of current geographical distance. This is the NNT sound: Lyrical resignation offset by a musical invention which translates as optimism. Pop music living in its moment but acutely aware of the past

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