City: Brighton
Country: UK
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Glam Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi, Trash Pop
on since July 16, 2020

Spawning audacious lead singles including the dreamy, mesmeric ‘Pleasure Pen’ and its trippy, psych-infused title-track, ‘7ft Tall...’ arrives hot on the heels of the musician’s ‘Happy Oddities’ EP and captures NANCY laid bare, honing in on his true identity and taking pride in the person he has become – demonstrated within his unique brand of warped psychedelia.

‘7ft Blues’ is bi-polar”, NANCY explains. “The tracklist swings from suicidal, to cartoonishly happy, to self-deprecating, back to Alan Partridge pretentious (my spiritual home)…I think it’s a full portrait of me in that particular moment of my life, warts an’all.

Before NANCY my main thing was writing songs for a rock band called Tigercub. In Tigercub I feel I had a tendency to hide my true self under a borrowed alt-rock, slacker introversion. It’s a pose that is easy to adopt and can easily trick you into a false sense of security when expressing yourself, wearing Kurt Cobain’s angst as a mask if you will.

Striking out on my own has given me nowhere to look but inside, I think with ‘7ft Blues’ I’m really being myself, I’m actually talking about me now, what it’s like to be me, and I have never done that before, and it’s terrifying”.

Source [Spotify]