Naked Roommate

Country: United States
Genre: Electronic
Styles: House, Punk Dance, Electronica, Post-Punk



Naked Roommate


NAKED ROOMMATE was conceived in 2018 by Amber Sermeńo & Andy Jordan --- partners in art & life --- as a playful aside from their roles in Oakland’s most dearly-departed ensemble, THE WORLD. With a handful of twitching insta-sketches, each addled with late-nite D.I.Y. quiver, the duo’s side-hustle sprouted in classical easy/cheap fashion [see the demo tape on their Public Nipples imprint for evidence]. As “global” concerns slowed, compatriots Michael Zamora (a superbly slanted multi-instrumentalist late of BAD BAD) and Alejandra Alcala (the region’s one true bass supervisor, also of bright lights BLUES LAWYER and PREENING) joined Sermeńo & Jordan as additional exposed flesh. In full form, Naked Roommate has not only become a must-see, ever-evolving live act, but architects of Do The Duvet, one of the most intriguing and inspired recordings to come out of 2020’s American subterranea.