City: Los Angeles
Country: USA, Iran
Genre: Experimental
Styles: Experimental Club, Dub, Dub Noise
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on since September 10, 2020

Los Angeles’s Maral has spent the past half-decade quietly honing an approach that meshes the latest in club music contortions, a range of pulverized dub effects, and samples from her library of Iranian folk, pop and classical musics. More likely to be found working behind the scenes for local labels and club nights, Maral steps into the spotlight on Mahur Club, highlighting a trans-historical collage technique that emphasizes formal experimentation as much as it does personal history.

"Many of the mixtape's tracks bang, but they're also beautiful. At the right moments, Maral lets the originals rip. On "So Glad I Found U," she molds an Ashanti sample into an angelic choir worthy of Burial. On other tracks, such as "Joonie's Jam," she harnesses rough textures and adds hard, grungy drums. Things tend to switch suddenly across Mahur Club, which gives the 29-minute release a breathless pace that complements its ramshackle style. It's a wild ride through decades of Persian culture and contemporary dance music."

Source [Spotify]


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