Maia Friedman

City: New York
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Singer-Songwriter, Folk
on since March 11, 2022

Following a breadth of experience as a collaborator and multi-instrumentalist in projects like Dirty Projectors and Coco , Maia Friedman’s densely-textured pop is wise and evokes what she wants it to: the sensuality of touch, feeling and image, a sonic form of empathy surrounding listeners like warmth. 
 Friedman’s voice lends a unique quality of comfort that permeates all her collaborations, but on her upcoming solo debut, "Under The New Light" due March 11, she presents her full intention. Her role is that of the wounded healer, one who has gained wisdom through darkness and grief. In her empathetic role, rather than share the details of any struggling, Friedman instead seeks to build a cloud of safety for those who might have pain of their own. Rather than a depiction of suffering, Friedman's songs are its antidote.

Source [Spotify]


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