City: Stavanger
Country: Norway
Genre: Indie Pop
Styles: Electropop, Hip Hop





Lokoy is the solo project of 21-year-old songwriter, musician and producer Lasse Lokøy – an electronic and explorative listen that stands in kaleidoscopic contrast to his work with acclaimed Norwegian pop-punk collective Sløtface.

A three-dimensional kaleidoscope of electropop, the very singular world of Lokoy feels lightyears away from his other life as bassist of acclaimed Norwegian riot-punkers Sløtface. Hailed by NME for his sonic ambition, Lokoy’s sound is said to be “more at home with Gorillaz than Green Day”.

It all started when Lasse Lokøy was in the midst of a gruelling world tour with Sløtface in support of their raucous debut album, ‘Try Not To Freak Out’. Suffering from motion sickness in the back of the van and to unable to read or watch TV, his attention turned to his own music when he switched on Logic.

Having always had a disdain for rules and now free from the restrictions of a traditional rock band set-up, his knack for sampling collided with his love of hip-hop, R&B, pop and electronica to help find something truly to call his own. His debut EP, ‘Can We All Go To Bed’, defied genre and was bursting with promise. Containing collaborations with the mutli-million streaming dePresno and award-winning rising star Girl In Red, Lokøy’s take on emotive summery pop won the attention of critics and radio airplay across the globe.

both eyes with Safario (Official Video)

Release Date: October 29, 2020

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