Lava La Rue

City: West London
Country: UK
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul
Styles: Uk Alternative Hip Hop, Uk Contemporary R&B, Alternative Pop, Alternative R&B
on since February 19, 2021


‘ I feel like there’s some sort of joke to be made about being an ENBY and making contemporary RnB. Like “I put the NB into alt RNB” Idk.’

Hi my names Lava and I make gender fluid dad jokes and Lo-fi future soul inspired music with my friends. Anyway WELCOME 2 LAVALAND. Ur safe here.

in 2017-2019 I started writing a lot of underground uk hip hop inspired stuff in my bedroom (Letra EP/Stitches) but recently I’ve been exploring more psychedelic sounds mixed with some queer ass experimental rNB to make a whole new project...I can’t wait for u guys to hear it. For now, check out my new single Angel feat Deb Never 💫