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Kit Grill

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Ambient, Experimental Ambient, Ebm, Industrial


Kit Grill is a London based artist and producer. In addition to writing and producing music, Grill’s creativity spans across photography, painting and video and he is also a longstanding NTS radio host, presenting a monthly excursion into music from around the world. “As well as musical influences it’s visual, so cinema, photography, contemporary media, pop culture are big inspirations. I’m constantly consuming visually and musically and I’ll process this into tracks, concepts, albums, artwork, videos etc. I’ll then tend to sit on projects for a while until they are right to put out or the idea has settled”. 
 In 2020 Grill releases ‘Ride’, his most forward-thinking release to date. The album features the affecting atmospherics of ‘Night’ and ‘Over’, to the synth-pop delights of ‘Sugar’ and deep techno of ‘Swan’, you can hear an absolute love of the possibilities of electronics. Synths sparkle over skittering drum-machine patterns creating vast, echoing spaces and pulsing rhythmic energies. The sounds of ZTT combine with kosmische cool on tracks such as ‘7th’ and ‘Forward’ while the heavenly hum of New Order can be heard in the quite beautiful and majestic ‘Ceremony’.

on HBN since November 06, 2020
Promise Single


1. Promise

Selected Reviews and Comments

Work on 'Fragile' began last August at the height of lockdown. Grill locked himself in the recording studio where he found himself experimenting with new sounds and technologies and was able to learn more about the techniques involved in mixing, production and arrangement. "The aim was to write a physical album maintaining an energy throughout and utilising sounds and structures I'm interested in. Using limitation was a big part of the process to push what I used as far as possible. Reading about Robin Guthrie's breakdown of Cocteau Twins minimal setups across different albums and how Prince distorted the Linn Drum Machine were also inspirations."

Musically, 'Fragile' is a more dance-centric record than 2020's 'Ride', with eleven blistering tracks aimed straight for the dancefloor. From the lush, pulsing synths and blistering beats of 'Another Time', to the hazy, sun-soaked 'Wildflower', Grill seeks to create dance music that is endlessly catchy and hugely uplifting. He draws heavily on a Euro-dance influence in his search for pop perfection with melody instrinsic to each track. The Italo disco sound of Giorgio Moroder is never too far away, climaxing with the pumping 'Crash' while the emotive dance of New Order is echoed in 'Wandering Sky' and 'Romance'.

From a visual perspective, ‘Fragile’ is inspired by gothic, renaissance art and architecture. The album artwork is a photograph Grill took on Château d'If, a fortress and former prison located on the Île d'If, the smallest island in the Frioul archipelago, a short distance from Marseille in southeastern France. 


Label: Primary Colours Records
Release Date: September 24, 2021

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