City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Electronica, Microhouse, Organic House
on hashbrandnew.com since October 08, 2021

To the friends it may concern of the rollin' rumpelmusig revue I’m finally laying down the carpet again, but this time as a double-pack. "Let Love Rumpel - Part 1" will be released in the fall of 2021 and part two in spring 2022. Finally rumpelmusig is back! Kalabrese enrolls himself out off a red carpet made of corona soup onto your quilted carpet at your home. eleven fave songs outta the kitchen of haute cuisine rumpelchef. And on top of that: for the upcoming spring, a second album in the «Let Love Rumpel» circle will be released (part 2). two times double vinyl. two times favorite songs. two times bustling life. four vinyls as a contemporary witness about what kind of creativity such a pandemic can awaken in an artist. in one song it says «you take the l train». it's obvious that the meaning of this l is love. kala is a rolling stone. wherever he lays his beat, is his home.----As a kid, Kalabrese, aka Sacha Winkler, raided his parents record collection, cottoning onto the sounds of Hendrix, Coltrane and Zappa before eventually picking up the sticks and drumming along to his heroes. Later as the drummer in hip hop collective Sendak, Winkler released two longplayers and toured Switzerland in the early nineties before striking out on his own as DJ and producer Kalabrese. Over the past years, Kalabrese has also run the club “Zukunft” in his home of Zurich, a unique club with an emphasis on the love of music and good people.