Jessy Lanza

City: Hamilton
Country: Canada
Genre: Electronic, Indie
Styles: Art Pop, Canadian Electropop, Electra, Escape Room, Fluxwork, Hamilton On Indie, Indietronica, Singer-Songwriter


Jessy Lanza is a Canadian electronic songwriter, producer, and vocalist from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She has released two albums, Pull My Hair Back (2013) and Oh No (2016), to critical praise on UK label Hyperdub.

on HBN since July 10, 2020
All The Time


1. Anyone Around
2. Lick in Heaven
3. Face
4. Badly
5. Alexander
6. Ice Creamy
7. Like Fire
8. Baby Love
9. Over And Over
10. All The Time

Selected Reviews and Comments

Four years and a relocation to New York later, Lanza takes a step closer to the mainstream with All the Time. If its contents frequently sound as if they’re being beamed from an entirely different galaxy to the contents of the singles chart – as evidenced by Face’s spacey assemblage of cut-up vocal samples, minimal electro beats and Lanza’s voice, manipulated until her scattered interjections are incomprehensible – the songwriting is largely more straightforward than on Lanza’s previous albums, its warping of sound more subtle. Slow jam Badly is gently unsettled by the way the backing vocals start crowding out Lanza’s lead and by some jazzy synth chords that stick out from the melody at peculiar tangents, lending the otherwise beatific mood an undercurrent of unease.

ll the Time is filled with tracks that get the delicate balance right between experimentation and a love of an uncomplicated pop tune; between nostalgia for the past and a dedication to sounding like the future. Baby Love strands Lanza’s voice – and another obstinately clingy chorus – above a backing that’s barely there: no bass, just a beat that echoes as if playing in a vast, empty room, with occasional smears of synth. Anyone Around and Like Fire are just great songs, subtly decorated with diverting strangeness – yelps and vocal snatches that recall the rudimentary sampling of early Chicago house and an unexpected but euphoric blast of bubbling electronics on the former; spectral whispers of falsetto vocals weaving around the latter. 

(The Guardian)

All The Time

Label: Hyperdub
Release Date: July 24, 2020

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