James Welburn

City: Lillehammer
Country: Norway
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Styles: Drone, Modern Classic
on hashbrandnew.com since April 16, 2021


Master craftsman James Welburn’s new LP, Sleeper in the Void, marks the 50th Miasmah release.The six years after his monumental debut have bred six tracks Welburn brings to fruition with the help of past co-conspirators from the Norwegian underground scene - Tomas Järmyr (Motorpsycho, Zu, Barchan), Hilde Marie Holsen (Hubro Records), and vocal artist Juliana Venter (W/V, Phil Winter). 
 On Sleeper in the Void, Welburn expands the domain of his sound, unveiling surprises until the very end of the album’s 36 minute playtime. While the character of the record is unmistakably his own, the tracks veer into many different territories, delivering a generous shapeshifter of an album. Every inch of its soundwave breathes emotion and imagery - an invitation to take a dive and linger. 
 Welburn has been playing bass guitar in avant-rock bands in London since the early 90’s, and later studied sound art before working in the film sound design industry. This was followed by 10 years submerged in the latest software developments in Berlin whilst escaping into the cities rich experimental scene at night. Since then Welburn combines and modifies deconstructed electric bass guitar sounds with abstract software processing. Sometimes performing solo live sets, featuring ambient landscapes of noisy drones and distorted bass. In addition he has played with Australian experimental jazz drummer Tony Buck (The Necks) in the band Transmit since 2009. Buck also appears on James´s debut album "Hold".