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City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Organic Electronic
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LP On The Fly on May 05, 2023

on since July 05, 2020

Selected Reviews and Comments

The first few seconds of Once More move like a smooth piece of driftwood under a morning sky that is still undecided. Where will this journey lead us? Everything is possible. When a rousing beat drops, our souls spread their wings and soar upwards. The voice of jPattersson gives expression to what we feel in this moment: "Flames go out... but hearts light up once more". All of a sudden the sky opens just in that sweet spot where the red of the low sun has been hiding: The sound of the trumpet provides further lift and updraught for our rising spirits. Relying on his refined songwriter skills, jPattersson manages to bring us back to that pensive, tranquil vibe it all started with – just to send us flying Once More. A very promising first impression of the forth jPattersson album, On The Fly.

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