Huey Mnemonic

City: Detroit
Country: Michigan, USA
Genre: Dance
Styles: Techno, Detroit Techno, Electronic, Jungle
on since April 20, 2021

Techno is often misconstrued, misquoted, and mishandled by outsiders, so for Detroit-based producer and visual artist Huey Mnemonic, protecting its legacy has become a pursuit. Growing up in Flint, Michigan, he inherited his education on funk, techno, house, and more from his parents and grandparents, sparking his obsession with sound as a youth. In his early teens, he experimented with Fruity Loops and other PC software, honing his craft for almost a decade before deciding to unleash his own creations on the world. Channeling Sci-fi, technology, and the Black American experience into his work, his mission is to both preserve and add to the rich lineage of his region’s homegrown sonic culture.


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