Harpans Kraft

City: Manchester
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Alt-Rock, Post-Punk, Pub Rock, Indie Rock
on hashbrandnew.com since July 14, 2021

Harpans Kraft are five crafty chaps assembling in Manchester. Rising through the local scene, Kraft have enjoyed sold-out headline shows and frequent plays across the airwaves, by the likes of John Kennedy on Radio X and Amazing Radio. But their proudest moment undoubtedly came when their gig poster featured in the background of some documentary Martin Kemp made for the BBC.

In 2022, they released the knee-raising, ska ode of a generation, Canal Side Running. Following this with their second single, in January 2023, Teflon Tez - a tale of a dethroning of the families best.

Source [Spotify]


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