City: Philadelphia
Country: Pennsylvania, USA
Genre: Indie, Rock
Styles: Art Punk, Alternative, Indie Rock
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EP Scatter Plot on March 03, 2023

on since February 21, 2022

Grocer is a multi-vocal guitar band from South Philly, consisting of friends. Driven as much by art-punk as they are by Britpop, they're the type of band that demands context and attention: listen to just one song or wander away mid-set to smoke a cigarette, and you’ll completely miss what they’re about. Featuring three distinct vocalists/lyricists, Grocer is a band that grooves, but never quite settles; a group that loves a good melody, yet remains moments away from chaos. Recently described as “if The Pixies wrote a musical”, their on-stage chemistry is undeniable whether ripping through their Grocer on Audiotree Live session or playing in their home city of Philadelphia.

Their forthcoming sophomore album, Numbers Game (following their urgent Delete If Not Allowed EP), is full of these tricks, nods, and winks as the band rearranges the puzzle pieces of 90s-influenced rock and dissonant pop into something utterly their own. The nine songs find Grocer attempting to escape the turmoil of the outside world by turning inward, only to find struggles existing just as intensely within themselves: scattered throughout are allusions to technology dependencies, social complacencies, and overall realizations that they may not be the angels they presumed they were.

Recorded quickly in hopes of mirroring the unhinged nature of Grocer’s live performances, Numbers Game is a cathartic, immersive dive into a band that refuses to stop searching.

Source [Spotify]


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