Greentea Peng

City: South-east London
Country: UK
Genre: R&B/Soul
Styles: Alternative R&B, Indie R&B, Indie Soul, Uk Alternative Hip Hop, Uk Contemporary R&B


Greentea Peng, real name Aria Wells, is a neo-soul and self-described 'psychedelic R'n'B'[singer and songwriter from south east London, UK. Her musical influences include Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Miss Dynamite and Lily Allen. Her stage name is taken from her love of green tea, and the London slang word 'peng' - which means attractive or tasty.

Along with her music, she is also known for her distinctive fashion style with full-body tattoos, many piercings and much jewelry.

on HBN since August 07, 2020