City: Oslo
Country: Norway
Genre: Pop
Styles: Art Pop, Indie Pop, Pop
on since March 08, 2022

Greatfruit is a kaleidoscope of 70’s and 80’s nostalgia transmitted through a psychedelic lens. The psychedelic pop explorers released their debut single Arcade Love November 2019, and has since then maintained a steady coarse into the depths of sonic cosmos yet to be explored, snapping up elements from woozy dream pop and psychedelic synth rock on their way.

The interstellar enterprise is currently working on their debut album, which they are producing and recording in a basement of an unknown embassy located somewhere on the west side of Oslo. April 30th the band released "Interstellar Groove", the first out of four singles, that will be released spring, summer and autumn 2021.

Interstellar Groove was conceived, written and recorded over the coarse of a week during the summer of 2020 in the bands DIY rehearsal/studio space. Inspired by late 70's and early 80s acts such as Patricia Rushen, The Rah Band and Ned Doheny and performed on the iconic Juno 106 (released in 1984), gives the track a distinct retro character while still maintaining a fresh modern feel. ~ Information Retrieval, Central Computer

Source [Spotify]


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