City: Leeds
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Rock, Shoegaze, Lofi, Art Rock
on hashbrandnew.com since August 14, 2021

Floating somewhere between the gaps of Leeds’ basements and darkened venues, Fehlt create hypnotic kraut-gaze. Pulsing rhythms are accentuated by chiming guitars and ethereal vocals to draw the listener into the space between. Their music is a haunting soundscape of beautifully crafted clockwork-esque, shoegaze dream pop. The band were formed by vocalist, guitarist and art student Ewan Barr as a way of extending his artistic practice. The importance of art is steeped throughout Fehlt, flowing through their live shows and into the band's output, with each release having a hands-on approach and uniqueness.

Fehlt are Ewan Barr, Will Shuttleworth, Anna Patterson, Adam Rundle and Ben Udin. Their debut EP ‘Figure Two’ will be released on Clue Records on September 17th on limited edition hand-crafted 12” lathe cut vinyl. It was recorded and produced by Ewan and Ben from the band, with mastering duties completed by Simon Scott of legendary shoegaze outfit Slowdive.

"..a gorgeous listen, crystalline in its production, but that eerie sharpness and sparsity also lends itself to elements of darkness." - Clash Magazine


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