Eryn Martin

Eryn Martin

Country: Canada
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Styles: Indie Pop, Alternative Hip Hop, Trap, Downtempo



Eryn Martin is a 24-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter.

The 24 year old Brampton native finds her stride over dark, downtempo instrumentals, bringing a refreshing edge to the contemporary landscape of alternative hip-hop and indie pop, creating music that is equal parts poignant, contemplative and softly menacing. As a self-taught singer and songwriter, Eryn masterfully weaves between haunting melodies and smooth textures to showcase her mercurial nature as a vocalist. She enjoys creating across genre-specific influences, with traces of hip-hop and electronic music helping shape her sound. From finding inspiration in nature while out fishing with her dad to building songs through an intriguing stream of consciousness approaches to scattering occasional lyrics in German, Eryn has a knack for keeping everyone on their feet; a talent that brilliantly translates in her music. Eryn is entering a new chapter of her artistry as a welcome addition to the Cinematic Music Group family. As she prepares to release new visuals and polish her live show, Eryn is captivating a growing audience and inspiring others to stay true to their own voices.