Dry Cleaning

City: South London
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Rock
Styles: Garage Psych, Uk Post-Punk Revival, Art Rock, Alternative


Dry Cleaning are a 4-piece from South London.

New Long Leg


1. Scratchcard Lanyard
2. Unsmart Lady
3. Strong Feelings
4. Leafy
5. Her Hippo
6. New Long Leg
7. John Wick
8. More Big Birds
9. A.L.C.
10. Every Day Carry

With Dry Cleaning, and on debut album ‘New Long Leg’, these types of boundaries and ties to how things should be done are tossed out of the window, leaving a blank page on which they proceed to run riot. Following their two hype-building EPs ‘Sweet Princess’ and ‘Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks’, the quartet’s debut album sees them wade further into lyrical surrealism and musical experimentation.

The London art-rockers’ outstanding debut is a droll album full of surreal images, bizarre obsessions, and sense memories. The cumulative effect of Florence Shaw’s narration is inexplicably wonderful.

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