Deap Vally

City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Styles: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Indie Rock


Deap Vally are an American rock duo, formed in Los Angeles, California in 2011. The group consists of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals).They have released two albums, an EP and a number of singles. Both albums reached the UK album chart.

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1. Perfuction
2. Billions
3. Magic Medicine
4. I Like Crime
5. Phoenix
6. Give Me a Sign
7. Better Run
8. I'm the Master
9. High Horse
10. Where Do We Go
11. Tsunami
12. Look Away

Selected Reviews and Comments

The sound of Deap Vally tapping back into what makes them tick.
Deap Vally have never lacked swagger. Their riff-heavy combo has always seen them packing unending amounts of attitude, but on ‘Marriage’, it’s immediately evident that they’re striking out to a magnitude unreached so far.

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Marriage is an impressively balanced album with highs and lows, and songs to make your adrenaline rush while others make you feel perfectly submerged in pensive emotion. The evidence is clear, Deap Vally have really come into their own here, encompassing everything you could ask for from a rock album - ego and bravado diluted by cold hard self-reflection. Look away at your peril.

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For their third record, Deap Vally recognised that the sum of their parts – two members, two instruments, two voices – created a barrier that they wanted to smash down. Unlike their previous two records Lindsey Troy (guitar and vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals) threw their net wide with the view of ensnaring a broad range of artists to add a light sprinkling of something extra to their latest offering.

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Label: Cooking Vinyl Limited
Release Date: November 19, 2021

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