City: Birmingham
Country: Alabama, USA
Genre: Experimental, Pop
Styles: Garage, Funk, Poppy
on since September 09, 2021

Confusions is an experimental pop band founded by songwriter Ben Turner, a music therapist, with a focus on mental health treatment in Columbus, OH (#renamecolumbus). His interests in the therapeutic processes of creating music, early 2000’s indie, and experimental production approaches, are at the root of Confusions.

The sound often involves a lo-fi garage aesthetic with poppy melodies, funk rhythms, and enticing harmony. Messages of hope, grief, healing, and a call to arms for justice can be heard in Confusions recorded catalog. They were overjoyed to connect with Earth Libraries in October 2020 to start the collaborative process of archiving and releasing their work.

Confusions have been influenced by the compositional and production processes of artists such as Animal Collective, Joanna Newsom, Portishead, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Laurie Spiegel, and Brian Wilson.

Their live shows are highly interactive, humorous, and encourage audience participation. Tuned Up Music describes the band as “…a bit off the beaten path, existing in a world that is firmly DIY yet polished. A weird realm with pop meets garage rock....” Sing the Nation Electric states the debut album Grounds is “…the kind of summery pop album that has the wit and warmth to stay with you into the autumn and the winter…”