Cedric Noel

City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Genre: Folk/Country
Styles: Indie, Folk Rock, Electronic, Ambient, Singer-Songwriter
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Cedric Noel is a songwriter, bassist, collaborator and producer currently based in Tio'tiá:ke/Montréal, Québec, Canada. Since 2010 Noel has released a number of full length albums, EPs and collaborative works which have ranged from melodic pop to ambient to improvisational soundscapes. His most recent releases include 2018’s solo minimalist pop/ambient album 'For Empty Pairs' and a pair of well-received singles from his r&b/pop project Special Solace. After spending the winter recording, Noel released a new album, 'nothing, forever everything' this March.

Noel has performed at festivals such as POP Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion, Waking Windows, MEGAPHONO, Kazoo! Fest, Arboretum Festival, and Electric Eclectics. He has also been fortunate enough to share the stage with unique and musically diverse acts such as Mount Eerie, Jessica Pratt, Jeremy Dutcher, S. Carey, the Weather Station and Angelo De Augustine among others.

Other than his solo work Noel has most recently been the bassist for artists such as Ada Lea, Alexia Avina, Year of Glad and Isaac Vallentin. In the past he has fronted Fredericton, NB bands Redwood Fields and Sentimentals. He has also found his way into a number of both live and recorded collaborations which include a full-length tape with C N U S, playing bass on two releases with Montréal, QC prog-pop band LAPS, contributing vocals to an EP for Dillon Anthony as well as scoring two short films by director Ryan O'Toole.

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